Dragon Ball Episode 02 - Kachua ke Maalik ka Kinto Un!

Dragon Ball Episode 02 - Kachua ke Maalik ka Kinto Un!

On their way to the sea, Goku and Bulma run into a giant beast that wants to eat the turtle. Goku makes short work of him, and they continue on their way. When they arrive at the shore, the turtle tells them to wait for him. When he comes back, a man is riding on his back. That man is the turtle hermit: Master Roshi, and as a reward for helping his sea turtle, he gives Goku a flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus. Master Roshi himself cannot ride the cloud, because only good and pure people can. Bulma can't ride it either, but Goku can, because he has a good heart. Roshi also gives Bulma the Three-Star Ball (San Xing Qui), not knowing what it is. When Master Roshi returns to his island, he finds Pilaf and his two henchmen searching his house for the Dragon Ball. After he tells them that he gave it away, the three leave his island. 

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Original English Title: The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un!
Audio: Japanese
Size: 102MB
Subtitles: Hard Subbed

Subbed by Toon Anime India | Visit Toon Anime India's main website


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