Tsuredure Children Episode 01 - Izhaar!

Tsuredure Children Episode 01 - Izhaar!

Watch the first episode of Tsuredure Children

Saki Kanda attempts to confess to Haruhiko Takase, but fails to confess properly. Minagawa Yuki confesses to Jun Furuya, but he is not sure about starting a relationship with her. The student council president Masafumi Akagi catches Ryōko Kaji smoking. He then asks her for a kiss in exchange for not reporting her, which she agrees to. Satsuki Sasahara and her senior Hideki Yukawa, astronomy club members, see the stars together for the last time before Hideki graduates.

Episode Title: Izhar (Confession!)
Series: Tsuredure Children (Tsurezure Children)
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