Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 03 - Hangman!

Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 03 - Hangman!

Kaneki and Ayato lead an Aogiri attack on a CCG convoy to rescue Naki, one of Jason's old cohorts who is being taken to the maximum security prison for ghouls known as Cochlea. During the mission, they are attacked by two one-eyed ghouls in black and white striped masks. Touka pays a visit to the university which Kaneki used to attend, where she has an encounter with Hideyoshi Nagachika (Hide) who is now working as a messenger for the CCG.

Series: Tokyo Ghoul √A
Episode 03 - Hangman!
Subtitle Language: Hingish (Hindi Language in English Text)
Subtitle Type: Hard-Subbed
Quality: HD 720p Compressed
Size: 152MB


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