Your Lie in April Episode 22 - Spring Breeze

Your Lie in April Episode 22 - Spring Breeze

Watch the 22nd Episode of Your Lie in April in Hindi Subbed

Kōsei performs his set piece, knowing that he is never alone. He finds himself floating in the clouds and sees an illusion of Kaori playing the violin alongside him. Kaori gradually disappears as lights rush from the sky to take her away, with Kōsei begging her not to leave him, in which he realizes that the surgery was unsuccessful. When he completes his performance, tears run down his face as he says his final farewell to her. Later, Kōsei receives a letter from Kaori through her parents at the funeral. As spring approaches, Kōsei reads the letter, which reveals that Kaori also admired him as a child and was influenced to play the violin with him someday. She was overjoyed to be in the same junior high school as him, but she could not find the confidence to speak with him. She explains that she told the lie that she was in love with Ryōta in a bid to get close to Kōsei because she loves him. The letter also contains a picture of them when they were younger.


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