Dragon Ball Episode 01 - Bulma aur Son Goku!

Dragon Ball Episode 01 - Bulma aur Son Goku!

Goku, a young, but strong orphan living alone in the mountains, and Bulma, a teenage girl searching for seven mystical balls, come together when Bulma hits Goku head-on while driving a motorized vehicle. The balls that Bulma is searching for, known as Dragon Balls, summon the wish granting "dragon god", Shenron (Shenlong). Before Goku's grandfather died, he gave him a Dragon Ball with four stars in it: the Four-Star Ball (Si Xing Qui). Bulma, already possessing two of the balls, decides to let Goku "join her on a fun adventure" so she can borrow his strength and Dragon Ball. They take off on a motorcycle, but Bulma is abducted by a giant flying dinosaur during a little pit stop. Goku takes out the monster with his Power Pole and rescues her. 

Watch the 1st episode of Dragon Ball Series

Original English Title: Bulma and Son Goku!
Audio: Japanese
Size: 86MB
Subtitles: Hard Subbed

Subbed by Toon Anime India | Visit Toon Anime India's main website


  1. please upload all dragon ball series episods in dubbed in hindi


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