Love and Lies Episode 02 - Ek Chota Jhooth!

Love and Lies Episode 02 - Ek Chota Jhooth!

On his way to meet with his assigned wife, Lilina Sanada, at an inn, Yukari Nejima recalled the moments when Misaki Takazaki rejected him, deeming the feeling she held toward him 'memories of past'. Feeling down, he had unintentionally upset Lilina, which she abruptly leave the family meeting. Upon inquiry after Yukari found her, Yukari was surprised to know that Lilina share the same thought 'afraid of marriage' as him. While Yukari explained his reason for being depressed, Lilina had expressed great interest in the love story of Yukari and Misaki and asked him to tell her more about the story, which he agreed.

Watch the second episode of Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) in Hindi Subbed


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