Aho Girl Episode 02 - Aho Girl ki Judwaa!

Aho Girl Episode 02 - Aho Girl ki Judwaa!

Yoshiko plays with some elementary school kids at the park, until Akuru interferes. Yoshiko confronts a delinquent student Ryuichi Kurosaki but wins him over with her idiocy. Sayaka meets Akuru's little sister Ruri Akutsu who is having trouble in school. The Chairwoman finds Akuru at his class, but when Akuru assumes it's another bag inspection and tells her she can search him in whatever way she wants, the president gets overly excited while Yoshiko tries to stop her.

The second episode of Aho Girl in Hindi Subbed

English Title: Aho Girl Multiplies!
Subtitled type: Hard Subbed
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 112MB


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